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Leading voices from across the healthcare spectrum have a shared belief that Medicare should be more quality-driven, cost-efficient, and patient-focused. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) is a key partner in this goal and should be reformed to ensure limited, targeted testing of new payment and delivery ideas, collaboration and transparency with healthcare stakeholders, and vigilant monitoring and quality evaluation to protect Medicare beneficiaries.

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About the coalition.
About the coalition.

Working with local leaders to make a difference for everyone.

A growing number of organizations representing patients, physicians, hospitals, and multiple sectors of American healthcare believe in the mission of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and want to see it succeed in advancing high-quality, value-based care.

To attain this success, the Healthcare Leaders for Accountable Innovation in Medicare coalition believes policymakers must address concerns that have arisen among those who deliver and depend upon quality healthcare, as well as members of Congress of both parties. 

These concerns focus on proposed large-scale demonstration projects that can affect significant portions of the nation’s healthcare system and have unintended consequences for patients; the need for consistent collaboration with providers, the patient community, and the private sector in selecting and implementing new payment and delivery models; and the imperative to maintain vigilant monitoring and quality measurement.

The Healthcare Leaders for Accountable Innovation in Medicare coalition believes strongly in dynamic innovation that protects patient access to care and that offers the promise of a Medicare defined by quality, value, and exemplary patient health outcomes.

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Coalition resources.

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